The classroom training is no longer sufficient. A lack of expertise and experience including viewing expected actions. The success of YouTube, zapping Canal + are they not learning levers, sensors attention ?

  • Basis of the experience of the launch of La Poste Mobile

  • Passed the theoretical training of five days in theaters, prior to the launch, we thus set a primary goal was to support those who have made enjoying the experience of the pilot offices. 6 of the 12 teams in pilot offices have been asked to explain all the processes, organization, their local adaptations and tricks.
  • Videos of 1 to 3 minutes conceptualized terminology ‘Videos minute’ to reinforce the idea of ​​quick access to knowledge, were recorded with a turnkey Referee explains, in context of his work ‘how’ to supported by anecdotes, essential marks of authenticity

  • 36 minute videos have been carried out before the commencement of the Offer
  • Favoring speed to online collaborative platform that was the basis for the deployment of the new concept of post offices (2300 members, 600 blog posts, videos 500 minutes)

  • A Televised La Poste Mobile Journal 7 ‘resumed monthly returns of the most interesting experiences

  • The success of YouTube, the development of smartphones, are they not levers for quick and easy access to knowledge? Sensors attention
  • Ensure sustainable access to videos from solutions like and Thinglink.
  • Enjoy new solutions captures the attention of the target price to regular requests ISD
  • Without succumbing to the lure of Vine or All that reduces the sense of a video to focus on images without context?
  • Use the lever on the ‘peer to peer’ based on authenticity expressed in the ‘minute video‘ Remember that to generate confidence among the employees of the land, we must begin with an honest recognition of their actions, and we vectors to build their reputation



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