Jim Collins in his best selling book ‘Good to Great‘  focuses on the question ‘Who Thirst … then What’ or ‘first choose who gets on the bus before choosing the direction of the bus’ and’ The hedgehog concept ‘, who’ always focuses on one big thing ‘in contrast to the fox … (I. Berlin)

How to exploit its recommendations for leading an ESN ? By inviting hedgehogs to get on the bus?

Jim Collins identifies seven criteria that distinguish firms by their excellence.

  • 1. A ‘Level 5 Leadership’
  • 2. L’enchaînement ‘Thirst Who ? … then What ?’
  • 3. Confront the brutal fact
  • 4. The Hedgehog Concept
  • 5. A Culture of discipline
  • 6. Technology accelerators
  • 7. The Flywheel

Point 2. Thirst Who … then What
  • Who in the bus ?
  • The executives who ignited the transformations from good to great did not first figure out where to drive the bus and then get people to take it there. No, they first got the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and the figured out where to drive it. They said, in essence, ‘Look i don’t really know where we should take this bus. But i know this much : if we get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus, then, we’ll figure out how to take it someplace great’

Point 4. The Hedgehog Concept
  • Foxes pursue many ends at the same time and see the world in all its complexity. They are ‘scattered or diffused, moving on many levels’, says Berlin, never integrating their thinking into one overall concept or unifying vision. Hedgehogs, on the over hand, simplify a complex world into a single organizing idea, a basic principle or concept that unifies and guides everything. It doesn’t matter how complex the world, a hedgehog reduces all challenges and dilemmas to simple – indeed almost simplistic – hedgehog ideas.
  • Those who built the good-to-great companies were, to one degree or another, hedgehogs.
  • A hedgehog Concept is a simple, crystalline concept  that flows from deep understanding about the intersection of the following 3 circles
    • 1. What you can be the best un the world a (and, equally important, what you cannot be the best in the world at)
    • 2. What drives your economic engine
    • 3. What you are deeply passionate about ?

Actions ESN on  ‘‘Thirst Who ? … then What ?’

  • Carefully choose collaborators communities / areas drivers, even before the ESN metrics are finally validated
  • New registrations in clusters rather than big bang
  • Target Community Managers (CM) working on other platforms?
  • then … identify a priority when creating communities / areas

Actions ESN on Hedgehog Concept

  • What you can be the best in the world at (and, equally important, what you cannot be the best in the world at)
    • Pilot qualification profiles of each new member with a focus on qualifications experience and skills
    • Build on the strengths of each new member, based on the declarative focused on profile
      • Seek experiences seeking storytellings
      • Seek the expertise on the basis of a request for help or support
    • Harnessing an FAQ Help to carry the meaning of research experience in the directory profiles beyond traditional data search in the search of ESN
  • What drives your economic engine
    • Identify the needs and interest of each to work in a space
      Identify metrics to prioritize. In The Collaborative Organization J. Morgan. What are some of the metrics that companies are using ? They include
      • Ideas generated / submitted
      • Comments
      • Number of employees actively using the platform
      • Money saved (for ex, on hardware, software, travel costs, and so on)
      • Revenue generated ( for ex, with new ideas that employees come up with that are implemented and result in more money made)
      • Time saved by using these new tools
      • Employee satisfaction
      • Groups created
      • Decrease in e-mail
      • Improved productivity
  • What you are deeply passionate about ?
    • Question members on their interests that are not of a professional nature
    • ‘Mention’ members
    • Search their ‘quicks wins’


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