Specifically, how to develop the lever highlighted by Gartner ? How to structure publications? How to value their content ? How to make people want to read ? Activity blogger CM … or members of an ESN ?

Claude Super, on his blog, cites Gartner situate the concept of ‘Magnetism

The ‘magnetism': The goal should naturally encourage people to participate because of “what I’ll find.” … / … Users should easily grasp its importance and value of participation. The goal is to have meaning for the participants, and generate in them a strong need to participate.
If you need to invest a lot to attract the interest of users, you have chosen the wrong target!

Combine 3 items

  • Platform : get noticed in a noisy world | Michael Hyatt. Entre PINC et High quality content
    • Titles PINC : Titles that make a Promise, that create Intrigues, that identify a Need and that simply state the Content
    • High quality content and a content that attract a loyal and growing audience
    • A template
    • Lead paragraph & Relevant image
    • Personal experience
    • Main body with bullets points
    • Discussion question
    • Make the post short, use short paragraphs, keep sentences short
    • Use simple words
    • Provide internal links
  • Smart Business, Social Business, a Playbook for Social Media in your Organization | M. Brito
    • The trust barometer indicates that individuals need to hear, read, or see something up 5 times before they actually believe it
    • Hear, see or read x 5
    • But what´s important is more than just content. Companies need to create the right content at the right time, for the right person, and in the right channel
    • Position the Brand as a trusted advisor
  • The Dragonfly Effect | Aaker, Smith, Adler & Ariely
    • Grab the Attention
      • Make someone look. Cut through the noise of social media with something personal, unexpected, visceral and visuel
    • Engage
      • Create a personal connection, accessing higher emotions through deep empathy, authenticity, and telling a story.
      • Engaging is about empowering the audience to care enough to want to do something themselves
    • Take Action
      • Enable and empower others to take action
      • To make action easy you must prototype, deploy, and continuously tweak tools, from being customers to becoming team members – in other words, furthering the cause and the change beyond themselve